Covid-19 Update

The SAT teams all over South America and our Sales team in Germany are working with a reduced but regular service. We are in constant contact with the local authorities for the latest updates, which you will find below.

The safety, wellbeing and comfort of our guests as well as a highest standard of service and care is our top priority, as usual. A detailed documentation on the implemented safety measures in each country is available to our customers from the travel industry.
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The SAT team remains at your full disposal and we are very much looking forward to welcome guests from around the world to our beautiful South America.

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Current situation and updates on governmental decisions and binding regulations across South America:
(June 14, 2022)

+ Effective April 08, the special Covid-19 entry restrictions for international travelers have been lifted, meaning a vaccination certificate and a negative PCR or antigen test are no longer required for entry.
+ The only requirements that must be met for entry are:
- Travelers must carry a COVID-19 travel health insurance.
- Travelers have to complete an electronic entry form up to 48 hours before boarding:

Argentina joined the list of international destinations that obtained the Safe Travels Stamp awarded by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) for complying with the global protocols of hygiene and sanitation.

+ The borders are open for international travelers arriving by air and land.
+ The Brazilian government requires non-vaccinated travelers to present a negative PCR test taken no later than 72h prior to departure at check-in at the departure airport. An Antigen Viral Test is also accepted if taken up to 24 hours prior to departure. Fully vaccinated travelers (with at least 2 doses taken at least 15 days prior to arrival in Brazil) only need to present their valid vaccination pass.
+ In the cities of São Paulo and Manaus, travelers must present a full COVID-19 vaccination certificate, as well as the proof of the 3rd dose (booster) as follows: Visitors that are 50 years or older must have a booster shot (3rd dose) / Visitors between 19 and 49 years must present a booster shot (3rd dose) in case the last dose of their vaccination with 2 doses is older than 4 months.
Lodges in the Amazon, hotels and boats in the Pantanal area, Porto Jofre at Northern Pantanal area and Ilha Grande also require the presentation of the vaccination certificate upon Check In.
+ All Brazilian ports are open.

International tourists can enter the country (mainland) with the following restrictions:
+ Travelers have to complete the electronic form "Affidavit of the Traveler" up to 48 hours before boarding
+ Travelers must carry a COVID-19 travel health insurance of minimum USD 30.000 coverage.
+ It is strongly recommendable to register your COVID-19 vaccination status with the Chilean Ministry of Health, (this is a process which might take up to 1 month). Only with the approval of the vaccination status you will be able to get the so-called “Mobility Pass” which enables you to travel within the country without any restrictions. The Mobility Pass is needed for instance for domestic flights or visits to Restaurants or Museums. In case the vaccination is not approved or in case you are not vaccinated, you will be able to enter the country but you will need to present a negative PCR-test each time you board a domestic flight, enter a Restaurant etc.
+ Upon arrival, travelers may be asked to do a PCR-test which is free of charge and carried out on a random basis on behalf of the authorities

Currently Easter Island remains closed. A possible opening in August is under discussion, but there has not been any official confirmation so far.

+ International travelers over 18 years of age can enter the country presenting either a full COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued no later than 14 days prior arrival. The vaccination certificate can be physical or digital.
+  In case the vaccination is not complete, the traveler must present either a negative PCR Test carried out no later than 72 hours prior to boarding OR a negative 
Antigen Test carried out no later than 48 hours prior to boarding.
+ Travelers have to complete the Check-Mig form not earlier than 48h and not later than 1h prior the flight. The same form has to be filled again before the departure flight from Colombia.
+ International and national Airports are operating regularly.
+ The Port of Cartagena is open.
+ Hotels, restaurants, museums and places of interest are operating with strictly biosecurity protocols. It is not mandatory to use masks in all public places but it is recommended.

With the support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Colombia is officially the first country in Latin America to launch a Tourism Biosecurity Stamp.

ECUADOR including Galapagos Islands:
+ To enter the country, travelers must present a full COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued no later than 14 days prior arrival OR a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before boarding the plane to Ecuador. Antigene (rapid) tests are not accepted.
+ Travelers must present the Digital Traveler's Health Declaration (link) when boarding the plane. In case the link is not available, a physical form will be handed out during the flight. Travelers who complete the digital form are no longer required to submit the form at the point of entry to the Ministry of Health.
+ Passengers who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and after one month remain positive in a PCR test, must present a medical certificate issued in the country of origin which guarantees the passenger is no longer in a contagious phase.
+ A private travel health insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended.


Arrival requirements:
+ To enter the country, travelers must be fully vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule of their country of origin (2, 3, or 4 doses according to the country you live in; the Johnson & Johnson vaccination counts for 2 doses). Proof of vaccination can be presented electronically or in paper form. Alternatively, a negative PCR test taken no more than 48 hours before boarding the plane to Peru can be shown. Antigene (rapid) tests are not accepted.
+ Children under 12 years of age can enter the country provided they are without Covid19 symptoms upon arrival. No vaccination, certificate, or test is necessary for this age group.
+ All travelers need to fill in the affidavit (English website is available).
+ Both test and affidavit can be presented in electronic form, e.g. on a phone; however, we recommend printing it out to avoid problems upon arrival. The requirements are checked both by the airline during check-in, as well as by Peruvian authorities when passing immigration.
To travel within the country:

+ 12+ years: full vaccination (2 doses or 1 dose with Johnson & Johnson) or a negative PCR Test taken no more than 48hrs before boarding a public bus or a plane for a national flight.
+ Travelers are no longer obliged to present their vaccination certificate to enter enclosed spaces (supermarkets, museums etc), however, as Peruvians are still checked for this, they might be asked ocassionally to provide proof to enter and we advise to carry the vaccination certificate in electronic or paper form at all times.
+ All vaccinations applied in the country of origin of the passenger are accepted, and foreign vaccination cards are also accepted.
+ The use of a mask is mandatory everywhere, and according to the law, it is imperative to wear two masks (2 surgical masks / 1 surgical mask + 1 cloth mask) or one KN95 mask.
+ The land borders to Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile are open.

+ To enter the country, travelers must present a full COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued no later than 14 days before arrival.
+ non-vaccinated guests can present either a negative PCR taken no more than 72 hours or an antigen test taken no more than 48 hours before boarding the plane/crossing the border to Bolivia.
+ children under the age of 5 years do not need a vaccination certificate or test to enter Bolivia.
+ Land borders to Peru, Argentina and Chile are now open.

To enter the country travelers must present:
+ a full COVID-19 vaccination certificate OR a proof of recovery 10-90 days prior arrival OR a negative PCR or Antigen test result, issued no later than 72 hours previous to the departure. Children less than 6 years old are excluded from the test.

+ a COVID-19 travel health insurance,
+ a completed Traveler's Health Declaration form, Entry to Uruguay, which will be a sworn statement, 48 hours before boarding.


Even though we put together all information with utmost care, please understand that we cannot accept any liability for the given information.