Covid-19 Update

Due to the increasing entry restrictions in the countries listed below, we strongly recommend all travelers on the spot to start their return or onward journey as soon as possible. (March 14, 2020)


March 16:

International travelers arriving in Argentina from any country will be denied entry, effective March 16, for a duration of 15 days.

Domestic flights will not operate from March 20 to March 25, same as long-distance trains and buses.



March 22:

International travelers arriving in Brazil from the following countries will be denied entry, effective March 22:

All countries of the European Union, Island, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, China, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and South Korea.
Passengers from these areas can still leave the country, but can not enter Brazil anymore.
Flights from these areas are limited but not cancelled.

American citizens are not affected.

Major tourist sites in Rio de Janeiro like Sugar Loaf,  Corcovado and major museums as well as most restaurants, shopping centers are closed, effective March 17.

In Iguassu the Argentinian & Brazilian side of the falls is closed as well as Itaipu Power Plant and Bird Park.

The ports of Brazil are mainly closed and passengers are being removed to fly back to their home ports.

American Airlines announced that they are suspending flights to Brazil, effective March 16 morning time.



March 18:

International travelers arriving in Chile from any country will be denied entry, effective March 18, for a duration of 15 days.

All ports of Chile are closed for any cruise ships, effective March 15 at 23:50h local time.

For the moment international and domestic flights are operating, with limited frequencies, mainly to fly travellers back to their home country.



March 20:

International Travellers arriving in Colombia from any country will be denied entry, effective March 16, 7am local time.

The Port of Cartagena closed the entry of any cruise ships until further notice.

Avianca Airlines will cancel all international flights from March 23 to May 01 and reduce national frequencies in 84%.

Flights to Colombia of any other airlines are suspended.



March 15:

International travelers arriving in Ecuador from any country by air, land or sea will be denied entry, effective March 15, 23:59 local time, until April 05.

Also for Galapagos, the entry of any travelers will be denied, effective March 15, 23:59 local time.



March 16:

International travelers arriving in Peru from any country by air, land or sea will be denied entry, effective March 16, 23:59 local time, for a duration of 15 days.



March 15:

International travelers arriving in Bolivia from any country will be denied entry, effective March 16.
All international flights will be suspended.



March 17:

International flights from Europe are suspended, effective March 20, 23:59h local time. Until then, airlines coming from Europe will allow to board only Uruguayan passengers and residents. 

The entry from Argentina by land, air and sea will be denied, effective  March 17, 23:59h.

From March 18th on American Airlines flights to the United States will be suspended. Other outgoing flights have not been mentioned so far. 

The  descent of cruise ship passengers and crew members is prohibited.


Even though we put together all information with utmost care, please understand that we cannot accept any liability for the given information


Measures taken by SAT

The Health of our guests is of the utmost importance to us. 
Given the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we have taken the following preventive measures to ensure the safety of our customers:

  • All our guides and local partners are informed about the symptoms, the measures or prevention and instructions in case one passenger will be affected on tour.
  • We are delivering to our guests a document with important information of COVID-19 (symptoms and prevention) in English or German.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for passengers on vehicles on tours and transfers. 
  • We have face masks in stock in case our passengers request them and if they present any symptoms. 
  • For all transfers and tours, we take care to avoid crowds of people whereever possible. 
  • In the event that any of our passengers shows COVID-19 symptoms (high fever, cough, respiratory distress),  it will be immediately reported to the Ministry of Health for the authorities to act according to the protocol.

We offer special cancellation fees for all countries, details will be agreed case by case.