Covid-19 Update

The SAT teams all over South America and our Sales team in Germany are working hard to prepare the re-start of the season. We are in contact with the local authorities for the latest updates and will be ready to hit the ground running when the moment comes, probably later this year!

The safety, wellbeing and comfort of our guests as well as a highest standard of service and care will be our top priority, as usual. A detailed documentation on the implemented safety measures is available to our customers from the travel industry.

We also offer special cancellation fees on all postponed or new bookings in order to help promote our tours and minimize risk, details will be agreed on a case by case basis.

For any specific queries please feel free to contact us at

The SAT team remains at your full disposal and we are very much looking forward to welcome back guests from around the world to our beautiful South America.

Stay healthy!
Your SAT Team


SAT offices - currently reduced office hours (Monday to Friday):

SAT Argentina 09:00-14:30h
SAT Brazil 09:00-13:00h
SAT Chile 09:00-15:30h
SAT Colombia 09:30-17:30h
SAT Ecuador 09:30-17:30h
SAT Peru 08:00-14:00h
SAT Uruguay 09:30-13:30h


Current situation and updates on governmental decisions and binding regulations across South America:
(June 2020)

International travelers arriving in Argentina from any country will be denied entry, effective March 16.
International and domestic flights have been suspended until 1st of September. This deadline may be adapted depending on the further developments.
The country has declared a mandatory quarantine until further notice.

Update July 29:
nternational travelers of all nationalities are allowed to enter the country provided they carry an international travel health insurance.
The ports remain closed until further notice.

International travelers arriving in Chile from any country must stay in quarantine.
All ports of Chile are closed for any cruise ships, effective March 15.
Santiago has declared a mandatory quarantine for all citizens until further notice.

International Travellers arriving in Colombia from any country will be denied entry, effective March 16.
The Port of Cartagena closed the entry of any cruise ships until further notice.
Flights to Colombia are suspended.
The country has declared a mandatory quarantine until further notice.

June 02 update:
International flights will start to operate September 1st, national flights will start earlier, so far no exact date has been announced. International and National air tickets are being sold now.

+++With the support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Colombia is officially the first country in Latin America to launch a Tourism Biosecurity Stamp.+++

Update July 01:
International travelers are now allowed to enter the country, bringing a valid negative COVID-test.
Also Galapagos is open to tourism again, under the condition that travellers have spent the last 48h on Ecuadorian mainland.
Airports in Ecuador are re-starting operations, under strict security protocols.

International travelers arriving in Peru from any country by air, land or sea will be denied entry until further notice.
On May 04 the government announced a 4 stage plan to re-start the economy, it will be revised until August at the end of each month and continued depending on current developments.
The current status is that international flights to Lima are expected to start in October, depending on further developments of international air traffic.

International travelers arriving in Bolivia from any country will be denied entry, effective March 16.
All international flights are suspended.

June 03 update:
National flights started operations.

International commercial flights from Europe are allowed on a small scale basis and only for specific segments of travelers but not for tourists, effective July 6th. Means borders remain closed for tourists until further notice.
The entry from Argentina by land, air and sea is denied, effective  March 17th.
From March 18th on American Airlines flights to the United States are suspended.
The descent of cruise ship passengers and crew members is prohibited.


Even though we put together all information with utmost care, please understand that we cannot accept any liability for the given information.