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In addition to our exclusive roundtrips as well as seat-in coach tours we offer for all countries packages which you can book as individual pre- and post-programmes. You can also use these programmes as individual packages in order to create your own tour through South America!

Please contact us for any individual request.

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Peru - Iquitos/Amazon Ceiba Tops Lodge 4 Days

4 days stay at the Peruvian amazon area! The Ceiba Tops Lodge is located on the banks of Rio Amazonas only 40km far away from Iquitos and will be reached by boat. Fullboard and excursions are included.

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Peru - North of Peru 3 Days

Short trip to the North of Peru with its impressive colonial cities, like for example Trujillo, archeological findings and excavations and culturale heritage of different eras.

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Peru - P. Maldonado/Amazon Posada Amazonas 4 Days

Adventure amazon region in the correspondent posada near the Tambopata river port. A 45 minuten boat transfer through the primary rainforest leads you to the lodge located on the private territory of Infierno Community.

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Peru - P. Maldonado/Amazon Sandoval Lake Lodge 4 Days

Several days jungle package in the rustic Sandoval Lake Lodge near Rio Madre de Dios. The lodge is located at lake Sandoval, one of the most beautiful plain lakes of the tropical rainforest in the south of Peru.

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Peru - Paracas & Nazca 3 Days

Peru´s South Coast is characterized by a fascinating desert landscape with dunes and oasis, the mysterious Nazca lines, old cultures and unique wildlife on the Ballestas Islands.

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Uruguay Package - Estancia Finca Piedra 3 Days

3 days stay at the wonderful Estancia Finca Piedra. It is an ideal place to combine relaxation, fine dining, horseback riding and a unique selection of wines from its own cellar.

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Uruguay Package - Estancia San Pedro de Timote 3 Days

Experience the authentic Uruguayan country life at Estancia San Pedro de Timote in the heartland of Uruguay. San Pedro is an ideal option for those looking for a distinguished stay.

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Uruguay Package - Highlights of Uruguay 5 Days

Experience the highlights of Uruguay: Montevideo, the capital city of Urugay, with its interesting architectural mixes style, the pristine beaches of Punta del Este and Colonia del Sacramento, the colonial city at Rio de la Plata.

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Uruguay Package - Self-drive tour 6 Days

Uruguay is still an insider tip in South America! Explore the colonial city Colonia del Sacramento, the capital city Montevideo and the exclusive seaside resort Punta del Este on a self-drive tour through Uruguay.