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Argentina and Chile - Journey to Cape Horn 17 Days

Disover the metropolise of Buenos Aires, exciting nature at Perito Moreno Glacier, undertake an unforgettable cruise from Ushuaia to Puntas Arenas, walk inside the National Park Torres del Paine and finis the trip in Santiago.

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Argentina, Uruguay - Tango & Gauchos 17 Days

Experience the Tango & Gaucho culture of Argentina and Uruguay by travelling to Buenos Aires, the capital of Tango and Argentina's north as well as to Montevideo and Uruguay's coast.

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Atacama to Sugar Loaf 16 Days

Roundtrip through Chile, Argentina and Brazil, visiting the Atacama Desert, the fascinating metropolis of Santiago, Buenos Aires and Rio, the wine region Mendoza and the famous Iguassu waterfalls.

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Best of Argentina 8 Days

Visit Buenos Aires, the vibrant capital of Tango and the Highlights of Patagonia: The famous Perito Moreno Glacier and "the end of the World" in the southermost city of the world Ushuaia.

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Best of Argentina & Brazil 8 Days

Visit Buenos Aires, the birth city of Tango, with the Tigre Delta and varied districts, the amazing Iguassu waterfalls and Rio de Janeiro with its famous beaches and beautiful location at the Atlantic Ocean.

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Best of Argentina & Chile 11 Days

This tour combines the metropolis of Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile with the magnificent landscapes in Ushuaia, around El Calafate with the Perito Moreno glacier and at Torres del Paine National Park.

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Best of Brazil 8 Days

Brazil is a huge country of attractions. We have selected three very impressive destinations to discover: Rio de Janeiro with golden beaches, Iguassú with one of the largest waterfalls in the world and the colonial jewel Salvador da Bahia.

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Best of Brazil & the Amazon 11 Days

Roundtrip to visit the highlights of Brazil: the metropolis Rio de Janeiro, the impressive Iguassu waterfalls, the  amazing amazon region and the afro-brazilian city of Salvador da Bahia.

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Best of Chile 11 Days

From the capital city of Chile you discover the driest desert in the world, the Atacama desert with the Moon Valley and Geysers of El Tatio before you explore the Torres del Paine National Park with glaciers, lakes and rivers.

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Best of Colombia 8 Days

Trip to the highlights of Colombia with Bogotá the picturesque town Villa de Leyva, the fascinating coffee area around Armenia and the beautiful colonial city of Cartagena at the at the stunning caribbean coast.