SAT Chile - Cruise Handling

In all ports of South America!
SAT is the leading Incoming Agency for cruise handling all over South America.
We act as a handling agent for numerous international leading cruise
companies and take care of the shore excursions, passenger exchange
as well as pre- and post-tours.
We also provide special travel arrangements for tour operators who book
individual cruise passengers or special groups on cruise ships.

Overview of the most important ports of Chile

  Iquique has one of the most important harbours in the North of Chile. A visit of the former mansions in the city center conveyes an impression of the richness of the city due to the salpetre mining in the 19th century. Today Iquique is the main fishing port of Chile.
  Antofagasta is the fifth biggest city of Chile and number one in the North of the country. The climate of Antofagasta and of the whole desert region is extremely dry. Drinking water must be pumpt by pipelines over hundreds of kilometers from the mountains to the modern city.
  Valparaiso, Chiles main harbour, is the third largest city of the country and since 1990 Seat of the chilenian Parliament. Picturesque, landmarked lifts will bring natives and visitors up to the 42 hills of the city with surprising views over the harbour and the city center with its beautiful, historical buildings. The nearby Viña del Mar is the favorite seaside resort of the country. Its many cultivated parks and private gardens owes its nickname "Garden City". Along the coast sealion colonies and a plurality of different sea birds can be seen. In the upcountry Chiles capital city Santiago and the famous wineries are waiting to be discovered.
Puerto Natales
  Puerto Natales lies 247 km north from Punta Arenas and is starting point for visits to the magnificent Torres del Paine National Park. The inhabitants live on the tourism and regional products, like wool.
Punta Arenas
  The southernmost continental city located at the assumed end of the world surprises with lovely old buildings and a cultivated, european styled city center. The city is starting point for excursions to Patagonias wild scenic attractions.
Easter Island

The Easter Island or „Rapa Nui“ is a small triangle midst the endless range of the Pacific Ocean, around 3.790km away from the South American coast. No other inhabited island lies so isolated on our planet like this tiny island. The island is littered with more than 600 thundering stone figures, so-called Moais; mysterious evidences from the old polynesian nation, with heights up to 9 meter.