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We are constantly breaking new ground to develop innovative and interesting new tours. To suit those with special interests, we have come up with some ideas to show the numerous cultural aspects of Ecuador considering special focusses as for example Nature, Haciendas, Garden Route, Slow Food or Trekking as well as Agriculture and Music, Cultural and Religious Festivities.

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Boutique - Ecuador - Meet the people! 10 Days

Ecuador is characterized by outstanding landscapes, indigenous communities, abundant cultural diversity, ancient culture and folklore. This journey is a unique introduction to the daily life of the locals and to beautiful Ecuador.   

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Boutique - Ecuador - Nature & Culture 13 Days

Ecuadors most impressive feature is its megadiversity. In  just a few hours the Andean highlands lead into lush forests, colonial and indigenous influences are palpable in the cities and ancient traditions are still part of everyday life.

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Boutique - Ecuador - Nature & Relax 11 Days

Ecuador is the perfect destination for those seeking relaxation in nature. The country offers Andean peaks, tropical rainforests and the famous “Avenue of Volcanoes”; the perfect setting for recreational and relaxing activities.

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Boutique - Ecuador - Slow Food Experience 13 Days

The Slow Food Movement reached Ecuador in 2007. Ever since the Ecuadorians try to protect their unique culinary heritage and preserve the 3 basics of the Slow Food concept: good, clean and fair.

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Boutique - Ecuadorian Art 12 Days

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries of South America and yet one of the most diverse. Its rich art scene seeks to reflect the variety in nature & culture from the coastal region, the Andean Mountains and the Amazon Region.    

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Boutique - Haciendas in Ecuador 10 Days

Ecuador's colonial-era haciendas are steeped in charm and character. They are redolent with the history of generations that worked to create them, and also present a glimpse of the country’s dramatic Andean highlands.

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Explorer Tours - Peru, Ecuador - Andean Faces 13 Days

The Andean Faces is a journey to the most interesting sites in Peru and Ecuador: the city of Cusco, the lost city of Machu Picchu, the historical center of Quito, the Otavalo market and the hot springs of Papallacta.

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Theme Tours - Ecuador - Birding 14 Days

Ecuador is one of the first addresses for bird lovers in South America with more than 1650 spezies of birds in a small space. Our journey leads you to a fine selection of bird watching places like in different reserves.

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Theme Tours - Ecuador - The Garden Route 12 Days

With its tropical climate and varied terrain, Ecuador is a country of abundant biodiversity. This journey leads to old haciendas, flower plantations, cloud forests and wild natural gardens.

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Theme Tours - Ecuadorian Chocolate 6 Days

Ecuador is well known as world's largest exporter of cocoa beans until the beginning of the 20th Century. The “black gold” of Ecuador is famous for its extraordinary high quality and pastry chefs all over the world love to use it.