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Discover the active life of South America - Trekking, Yoga, Golf, Fishing or Jungle excursions - the active tours are made for travellers who want to experience the intense side of the South American Countries.

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Outdoors - Ecuador - Galapagos Island Trekking 11 Days

The Galapagos archipelago is well know for fantastic wildlife, nature and flora, which partly exists only here. Hiking lovers awaits trekking paths through the highlands and around the crater of the volcanoes.

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Outdoors - Ecuador - Trekking 13 Days

Trekking options in Ecuador are as diverse as the country’s natural areas. The highlands offer great trekking opportunities, with the Andes as the perfect backdrop - one of the best ways to explore the country’s remote nature.    

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Outdoors - Ecuador on Horseback 14 Days

Ecuador offers a variety of climatic zones, tropical rain-forests, mysterious caves and pristine lakes, let's say the perfect setting for an adventure on horseback.

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Outdoors - Glamping in Ecuador 14 Days

Ecuador is perfect to explore real wildlife and pristine nature. Enjoy an unforgettable amazon cruise, spend a night camping glamorously in the rainforest, relax in thermal baths and experience the Galapagos archipelago.

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Outdoors - Nature Paradise Colombia 10 Days

Colombia has one of the highest biodiversities in the world as well as the highest number of species that live nowhere else in the world. This journey will give an unique and insight into the diversity of nature.

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Outdoors - Peru - Glamping along the Inca Trail 11 Days

Enjoy a Luxury Adventure in the Andes! Trek without carrying a back pack, camp while sleeping in a proper bed, have a massage therapist taking care of you and enjoy gourmet meals and exquisite wines.

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Outdoors - Peru - Hike the Inca Trail 13 Days

The Andean Mountains of Peru offer a great opportunity for adventurous hikers and nature lovers to experience an impressive landscape combined with the ancient Inca culture and colonial heritage.

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Outdoors - Peru, Chile - Nature Walks 15 Days

Hiking in Peru and Chile is a rewarding life experience for lovers of nature and culture. Guests immerse in legendary tales of the Incan Empire and take in the breathtaking landscapes of Peru and northern Chile.

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Outdoors - Uruguay for Self-Driver 9 Days

For individualists, who like to explore the Uruguayan countryside by rental car and on horseback, Uruguay is the perfect destination for both of them! With open plain grass land, sandy beaches and rocky landscapes.

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Pure Argentina 21 Days

From the pampa through to the rainforest. Argentina's beautiful nature is as diverse as its thrilling culture. Encounter this variety on an exciting journey through the land of tango.